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New Genuine Reclaimed London Stock Range!

reclaimed london bricks slips



We are delighted to be launching our new range of genuine Reclaimed London Stock brick slips! These are a must have so purchase yours now.

Made entirely from bricks salvaged from old London buildings, this range of brick slips will seamlessly into most projects. You will not find a better range of reclaimed brick slips in the UK. We promise! The slight chips and dents in the slip give it a real delicate look. Furthermore, it adds real character to the room and really gives you that 18th century vibe.

Our genuine reclaimed London stock slips come very fairly priced at a respectable £21.75 per box. Some of the lowest prices in the market whilst maintaining the highest quality!

These bricks were all the rage back in the Georgian era and its clear to see why. As they began to urbanise London, these gorgeous yellow bricks were used to provide a brighter and more modern look. The bricks are tarnished with grey and black blemishes from the smog that filled the air of Industrial London.

Reclaimed brick slips also offer environmental benefits. Recycling the brick will help to reduce waste and prevent them being sent to landfill. This means you can enhance the beauty of your home whilst saving the planet! Future generations for many years will thank you.

So don’t miss out on your chance to own a piece of history and get your reclaimed brick slips today. Its also important to remember we offer completely FREE samples so you can test them risk free!

We love seeing what you create, so please be sure to send pictures of your finished result to us on Facebook or Instagram.

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