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Why Our Old Althorne Red Brick Slips Should Be Your Fire Pick

Red Brick SlipsLet’s Take a Look at Old Althorne Red Brick Slips

We stock a huge variety of brick slips but we have to say that we do love the look of the finish that can be achieved with our Old Althorne Red Brick Slips. When it comes to design, we appreciate that everyone looks to add their own touch and style to their home or maybe even their business. Whether it’s a living room, kitchen or even a coffee shop, Old Althorne Red Brick Slips are a perfect choice but what do they offer and why should you choose them?

What Makes Them Unique?

Take a look at a wall that has these installed such as the image above and you will soon notice that every brick slip is different. Every brick slip has a different texture and colour which is why they add a touch of character to any space. Furthermore, the bold red clay base is  blended with dark hues, light hues and even a hint of red coat on top of the brick to give this a varied yet detailed finish, the overall appearance is a weather reclaimed finish.

They are cut from Old Althorne Red Bricks and they have a textured finish that is considered to be semi-heavy to heavy while the weathering process ensures that they have an authentic appearance.

What Do They Really Offer?

They’re Iconic – This brick slip has an iconic look and most of us would have seen this on od farmhouse / cottage style homes. They are also very popular for people looking to replicate that traditional finish. Whether these are being used to create a feature wall or you opt to install them in your bathroom, kitchen, living room or around an office, they give a period look that also has a modern twist to them.

They Stand Out – There are some colours that simply hit you in the face as soon as you see them and that is exactly what Old Althorne Red Brick Slips do.  They are bright enough to enhance light and lift a room but they are subtle enough to not be overpowering. This is why they are suitable for a range of applications as they do not take over a space but instead, they simply bring everything together while adding a touch of style.

The Weathered Look – One of the main reasons why Old Althorne Red Brick Slips work is because they deliver that weathered look. It’s the authentic appearance that people love because they add character to any space. You can transform a basic space into something that oozes class and style in no time at all.

They Are Suitable For External and Internal Use – These brick slips are not just for use indoors. Sure, they can work in any room or environment but you can get creative with them outside. Whether you want to clad an unsightly block wall or you want to create a designated space in the garden for a specific use, they make it possible. They can withstand the elements and that’s why they look just as great outside as they do inside!

From the diverse tones and textures to the simple way in which they can be installed, if you are looking for an innovative way to add charm and character to any space, then these brick slips are all you need.

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