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Brick Slip Seal & Protect


Brick Slip Seal & Protect 1 Litre & 5 Litre, is the market leader for sealing External and Internal brick slips.

  • Our Brick Slip Seal & Protect is a surface treatment for exterior and interior brick slips,
    to prevent liquid ingress, whilst remaining vapour permeable.
  • Only 1 coat is required ,if a second coat is desired it must be done whilst the product is still wet.
  • Reduces surface degradation as atmospheric contaminants do not stick.
  • Resists moss and lichen formation.
  • Prevents surface deterioration due to repeated freeze/thaw cycles.
    Brick Slip Seal & Protect will not alter the aesthetics of the treated surface or change its colour.
  • UV resistant. Non-flammable. Non-toxic.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Can be applied via a spray bottle, brush, or roller

We recommend using this product in areas subject to high traffic, areas where accidental spills and stains from food, drink and pollutants may occur, or areas subject to repeated saturation;

General areas of use include;

Kitchen Splashbacks.

Food Preparation areas.

Log Burners/Stove and Fireplaces.

Bathrooms and Shower rooms.

Areas of high traffic such as hallways, restaurants, bars and offices.

External projects subject to pollution and contaminants near to roads and highways.

Coverage will vary by brick type and textures, this product will cover approximately 5m2 of a smooth brick slip style when applied via a mist spray bottle, applications on textured bricks, and using different applications methods will reduce the coverage.

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Brick Slip Seal & Protect - Treated and Untreated Comparison

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