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Pro Primer (1L)


ProPrimer is an Advanced Polymer Primer for Exceptional Bond on Multiple Substrates

ProPrimer is designed for application before bricks slips have been applied, to prime the substrate/walls before applying Slip-Fix Adhesive.

We would recommend priming all surfaces before the application of adhesive to ensure a trouble-free installation that will stand the test of time, it is suitable for both Internal and External brick slip installations.

Suitable Surfaces;

  • Plywood overlay (15mm min, non-porous)
  • Tile backer boards (porous)
  • Cement faced fibre boards (porous)Concrete
  • Sand/cement screed
  • Concrete brick/block (porous)
  • Hard vinyl tiles (non-porous)
  • Flooring grade asphalt (non-porous)
  • Anhydrite screeds (porous)
  • Tile on Tile (non-porous)*
  • Firm and stable plaster (porous)
  • Plasterboard (porous)
  •  Sand/cement render (porous)
    * Existing ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone
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Pro Primer benefits;

Can be used on walls or floors

Internally & Externally

Designed for both porous and non-porous substrates

Enhances adhesion of Slip-Fix Adhesive

Reduces porosity of the substrate

Size: 1L

Lifetime guarantee.


Please note we only recommend the use of Pro Primer with our Slip-Fix adhesive as this has been extensively tested for maximum adhesion and bond strength.

Coverage is subject to Substrate

1Litre Bottle applied with a roller or brush;

Porous Substrates

1st Application – 3 Parts Water to 1 part Pro Primer
2nd Application – 1 Part Water to 1 Part Pro Primer

Non Porous Substrates

Only 1 neat coat needed.

Coverage Rates per  1 Litre Bottle
1:1 Dilution Ratio – 14-20m2
3:1 Dilution Ratio – 28-40m2
Neat – 5-10 m2
Coverage Rates per 5 Litre Bottle
1:1 Dilution Ratio – 70-100m2
3:1 Dilution Ratio – 140-200m2
Neat – 25-50m2
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