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Slip Grab Brick Slip Adhesive 290ml Cartdridge

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Slip – Grab Brick Slip Adhesive

The fastest and easiest way to install brick slips!

  • No Mixing
  • No Dust
  • No Mess
  • No Waste
  • Super High Tack – Zero Slump
  • Works with all brick tiles
  • High adhesion to damp surfaces
  • Excellent water resistance & UV stability
  • Perfect for small to Medium sized projects
  • Can be used Internally & Externally

Slip Grab has a cure time of 4-6 hours (at 20deg), which gives you the flexibility to make rapid progress when installing Brick Slips. We would recommend this for people who are new to Brick Slip Installing, and also for experienced professionals who want the speed and reduced waste that a cartridge adhesive offers.

1 Cartridge of Slip Grab covers approximately 1m2 of standard UK sized brick slips. If you have a large Brick Slip Project take a look at our Slip-Fix Adhesive as a more cost effective option.

To apply this product you will need a standard Caulking gun/ Sealant Gun, these are available to purchase here.

MS Polymer Brick Slip & Brick Tile Adhesive

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