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Ready made Brick Slip Fire Place

Can I use brick slips around my fireplace?

Yes absolutely, all of our brick slips are manufactured from real clay brick slips, and are fully fire resistant, we offer a wide range of brick slip fire chambers that are pre made in our factory, saving you time and money on a professional installer.

Are Brick Slips easy to maintain?

Brick Slips are an excellent choice for your fire chamber or chimney breast insert due to their ability to retain their fantastic colours over many many  years, with little to no maintenance required. Due to their hard wearing nature they require no maintenance over there lifespan.

Are brick Slips easy to install into a fireplace?

Yes the installation is a very simple procedure and is generally done in less than 1 hour, you can find more detail on the process here. Fireplace Brick Slips are ideal for anyone self installing.

What sizes do your Brick Slip panels come in?

We offer standard size Fireplace Brick Panels , that can be cut down to size.



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