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Real brick cladding

Real Brick Cladding vs Concrete or Imitation products?

There are lots of advantages and benefits of choosing real clay brick slips over imitation concrete and plaster brick slips.

One of the most important benefits of using genuine clay brick slips from Slips From Stock is that all our products are manufactured from real clay bricks, that conform to the EU standards, are fully frost resistant, have a very low salt content, and are extremely heat resistant (our bricks are fired in excess of 900deg celsius!), Our bricks are purchased direct from the leading factories in Europe, who are at the forefront of brick making technology, and have been for over 100 years in many of our factories cases.

Buying the best bricks in Europe is only half the battle, we then need to manufacture the brick slips from these, we stay at the fore front of our industry by having the most technically advanced automated cutting machines available anywhere in the world, our machines can cut to a tolerance of 1mm, and ensure a consistent product is manufactured time and time again, this coupled with our high output (in excess of 50,000 slips per day) ensures we can always offer you brick slipsfromstock!

There is a lot of companies who offer imitation products, made from concrete and other sub standard materials, and whilst their is a market for low quality bricks tiles, it is not a market we operate in, ordering from www.slipsfromstock.com ensures you are getting a product of the highest quality, that will last for years and years.

Some of the key benefits of real brick cladding are;

Heat resistance – Our slips are suitable for use in fireplaces, or around log burners

Colour  – Our slips are made form natural clay and then fired at extremely high temperatures, giving hundreds of different shades and tones in each brick type – no two slips are the same!

Frost Resistance – All our brick slips are full F2 rated for Frost Resistance – which is suitable for sever exposure.

Genuine brick cladding- nothing comes close to a feature wall made out of real brick cladding, our products aren’t made in moulds with generic spray patterns on them, they are the handcrafted by experts with over 100 years heritage and experience in producing the finest brick slips available.

Please do not be fooled by cheaper imitations available, there are many pitfalls to using substandard products, over the real brick slip cladding we provide, such as cracking, colour fading, warpage, size tolerances, colour variance, impact resistance, to name a few!

If you want the real brick effect feature wall – then purchase real brick slips and have a feature wall that will last for decades to come!

We are so confident in our products we offer free of charge samples available to order  – here.


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