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Reclaimed Brick-Tiles

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Reclaimed Brick-Tile Olde Bayswater Brick Slip ReclaimedReclaimed Brick-Tile is what we specialise in! Slips From Stock have been manufacturing, supplying and selling Reclaimed brick Tiles for the last 5 years. Supplying thousands of homes and hundreds of commercial projects from KFC to Nationwide and beyond!. Working in partnership with our parent company we are able to import and cut our Reclaimed Brick Tile ourselves giving us complete control over the quality of our reclaimed brick tiles.

At Slips From Stock, our goal is to provide the best quality brick slips made from original brick and cut. Our reclaimed brick tiles are not manufacturers, pre-casted or moulded. They are simply cut from real reclaimed brick for a completely authentic aged finish. Our range can be used to create a stunning brick effect feature wall inside and outside of your home.

Unlike others on the market selling Reclaimed Brick-Tile we do not inflate our prices such as £40 per box and £5-7 per sample! All of our reclaimed brick tiles are priced below £27.99 and our samples……….they’re FREE!. You can order free samples of our reclaimed brick tiles from the link below.

About Reclaimed Brick-Tile

Because our reclaimed brick slips/brick tiles have been cut from a real brick, they acquire their natural character which perfectly resembles and matches house brick. Some of the facings of our brick slips have a salt wash finish and some boast a soot finish all of which gives a perfectly aged and weathered finish. Our brick slips are the best way of achieving the authentic look and feel of a real brick wall.

Many other products on the market these days are cheaper alternatives such as brick slips that are made from concrete or plaster and have simply been moulded to replicate the look and feel of brick. Only the use of our Brick Slips can you achieve a reclaimed brick-tile finish within your home!


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