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The Benefits Of Using Our Brick Slip Calculator

The Benefits of using our Brick Slip Calculator

Treat Brick slips like anything else. When it comes to doing any kind of DIY around the home, there is always some element of measuring or calculating that is required. This can often put people off doing the work that they had intended to do. They are afraid of making errors or ordering the incorrect materials, leaving them with a finish that doesnt fit, isnt quite enough or has cost them more than they expected. So, when it comes to ordering brick slips, there is no denying that the idea of ordering can seem daunting but that is not the case when you have a brick slip calculator available, so lets look at its benefits.


Speed Up the Process

When it comes to measuring what you need, it can take time. You might measure once, then measure again and still not be completely satisfied with what you have come up with. All of this can take time and even then you might not be happy but with a calculator, all you need to do is measure the width and height and it does the rest for you. It literally takes a matter of minutes to measure and calculate the number of Brick Tiles you require!

Avoid the Possibility of Mistakes

Brick slips – Making mistakes is natural and part of life but when these mistakes can prove costly, you want to get it right. Not everyone is naturally good at maths and that can leave people struggling when it comes to measurements and numbers. The great thing about our Brick Slip calculator is the way that it completely removes the chance of making mistakes because all you need is two measurements – the height and width in metres and you are good to go.

Only Order What You Need

When ordering Brick slips, it is common to either choose to order too much or unknowingly order too much. This is true when ordering items such as Brick Tiles as one incorrect calculation could leave you getting it horribly wrong and spending much more than you need. Furthermore, you could under order which is nothing more than a nuisance. With a calculator, youll always order what you need and that will also include the 10% extra on top for cuts and breakages.

Have Confidence When Ordering Brick Slips

Some people hate ordering when they are unsure of the measurements and what they have ordered. That lack of confidence can leave you feeling anxious and worried which is something that should never be part of the ordering process. A calculator removes all of that and gives you complete confidence when ordering.

Helps You Make an Informed Decision

In some instances, people will go through the process of choosing their Brick slips and then decide they dont want to order because of the measurements. With a calculator, you can make an informed decision across the board which means you can choose your brick tiles and get the measurements spot on ensuring you have exactly what you need at a price that you are happy with and that is the real difference.

Check out our Brick Slip Calculator Today! Our Brick Slip Calculator is displayed on all product pages!

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