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Fall In Love With Brick Slips And Their Uses

Reasons to Fall in Love with Brick Slips

If you have never heard of Brick Slips then it’s time to familiarise yourself with them. Finding that unique product that can transform your home in a simple yet versatile way is something that more and more people are looking for and Brick Slips can fill that desire. Brick slips are nothing more than a strip of a brick that ranges from 15mm to 20mm in thickness, giving the appearance of a full brick once they have been installed. So, with this in mind, why should you love everything about Brick Slips?

Brick Slips can be used anywhere!

Sometimes, spending money on a product that doesn’t offer versatility when it comes to design and decor doesn’t prove cost-effective but the great thing about Brick Slips is the way in which they have so many uses. You can choose to use them in renovation work or restoration work which means that you can fit them as feature walls, on chimney breasts and even in kitchens and bedrooms. Furthermore, you can even fit them outside, enabling you to create a modern yet stylish look that really does stand out.


Brick Slips Are The Latest Trend For Feature Wall

We understand that trends come and go but Brick Slips offer something more. They are not just on trend but they are always in trend because brickwork forms an integral part of every home. Therefore, you might be looking to add something to your home that really looks the part and that’s where Brick Slips can help. Wherever they are fitted, they are going to bring any space to life. Furthermore, they are perfect for transforming restaurants, bars, coffee shops and offices too.

Red brick Slips Cladding

Brick Slips Are Easy To Install

What makes them so unique is that there is no special training or expertise required to fit them. Sure, if you’re installing them for the first time it can help to follow installation guides but they are not like laying bricks but a little more like fitting tiles. It’s not a challenging process but one that takes time and consideration. With the right planning, you can create a feature wall, clad your external barbecue or get creative around the home with ease. If all else fails, you could always call on the experts!

Brick Slips To Dominate Your Decoration

The great thing about Bricks Slips is that they can complement a range of atmospheres. So, if you want to create an industrial and minimalistic look then they will help you to achieve that, especially when they are paired with minimal furniture and fittings. Furthermore, add them to a room where you have soft furnishing and gentle tones and they create a warm vibe that’s perfect for the likes of coffee shops, restaurants and even homes. So while Brick Slips might feel and look cold on the first impression, they are anything but this once they have been installed.

Traditional Red Blend Brick slips fireplace - Brick Tiles

Brick Slips Offer Many Benefits

Everyone loves versatility and that’s exactly what Brick Slips offer. They are versatile enough to be used in a huge range of settings and environments. You can cover vast walls with them, create a feature wall in a downstairs toilet or cover half of the wall with them in your hallway. The possibilities are endless because they blend in seamlessly with any look that you are hoping to achieve.

Great For Stripping Your Walls Back

When we think about that industrial look, exposed brickwork springs to mind and that’s what Bricks Slips offer. You can keep it traditional with the likes of Reclaimed Red Brick Slips or you can go modern with the likes of the Folkestone Mixed Grey Brick Slips. Whatever you choose, there is no doubt that you can create an industrial look that is traditional or comes with a slight twist!

Grey Brick Slips - Brick Tiles

Brick Slips Are Well Priced

Unlike many other options out there, they are an extremely cost-effective solution that can make a space feel completely different and that is always a bonus when it comes to looking for something unique and impressive at the same time.


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