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The perfect feature walls for brick slips (domestic)

Brick slips look fantastic on all walls, however, here are some perfect feature walls for brick slips!

Have you ever just walked into a room and thought… that just looks right? We know that feeling well because we see it time and again when our customers choose to use brick slips for their feature walls. They can completely transform the aesthetic of a room and come in a massive variety of styles to work perfectly with any interior design.

There is no set rule for which walls you choose to place them, but choosing the wrong location of your brick feature wall affects how realistic the brick slips will look. A supporting wall is typically a good shout as this will complement the brick effect the most. Here’s our pick of our perfect feature wall ideas using brick slips:

Chimney Breast

Here at Slips from Stock we absolutely love to see a brick slip chimney breast and feel it makes for a perfect feature wall. There’s just something comforting about the traditional look and the feelings of nostalgia it emits. If you’re lucky enough to have a chimney breast in your home, we’d suggest utilising it with brick slip. Unfortunately, most new build homes have no chimney breast, so your only option then is to create a faux chimney breast wall using timber studding and either plasterboard or render board. Worth the effort though, they look amazing and very homely! brick tiles fireplace


Kitchen spaces are a popular room choice for a brick slip feature wall. It warms up the room and adds texture. Kitchens are notoriously cold rooms with hard surfaces, cold flooring and chilly external walls. So we often find that what should be the heart of the home, is often a room we’d rather not frequent. Adding in a brick slip feature wall can help to make the room feel warmer and make it look ultra-modern. Perfect brick slip feature wall Kitchen


Typically bathrooms are fairly small rooms so you may have reservations when we say they make for amazing feature brick slip walls. It’s all about how you design it! Less is definitely more in a bathroom so we’d recommend a single feature wall on your primary utility wall (usually where your sink and mirror is!) Again, a typically cold room that is instantly warmed up by the aesthetic of the brick.

Exposed modern brick tiles feature wall landingLanding wall

Generally landing walls are just a bit…meh! So can such a boring wall have the potential to wow? With brick slips they certainly are. This is one large feature wall space we’d say looks amazing pretty much every time!

Office wall

A feature wall in an office space? Stay with us, they’re growing in popularity for the simple reasons that they look welcoming, interesting and ultra-modern! There’s just something about an office desk, fancy chair, computer set-up and brick feature feature wall that screams professional. So take a look for yourself and you decide but we’re sold!
London weathered Yellow stock brick slips feature wall office

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