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Things to Consider When Installing Brick Slips on Your Fireplace

Fireplace Brick Slips If you have a fireplace that is in need of some attention, you might be stuck for ideas. However, it doesn’t have to be that way because brick slips might be the solution you have been looking for although there are some things to consider.

Can Brick Slips Be Used On a Fireplace?

Absolutely they can but there are certain things that you will need to think about before you do install them. For brick slips that are made using real clay, they will have the scope to handle the high temperatures that log burners and gas fires generate. However, the main recommendation is that there is a 100mm distance kept between the surface of the brick slip and the heat source.

Another option for those hard to get to places when it comes to the fireplace is to use our Fireplace Brick Panels.

Furthermore, we recommend you use our slip-point mortar. Our slip point mortar, Our mortar is suitable for high-heat areas so is the perfect finish to your brick slip fireplace.

Fireplace Mortar

So, Where Shouldn’t Brick Slips Be Used?

If you are constructing an open fire then it is not recommended that you use Brick Tiles. The quick changes in temperature will have an impact on the brick slips and this can cause them to crack. Furthermore, you should make sure that they do not come into direct contact with the heat source and so, it is recommended that in these instances you use traditional construction methods.

What About Space?

Fireplaces are already compact and small in size and that is what makes Fireplace Brick Slips so attractive. If you choose to use full bricks, you will take up valuable space in your fireplace but with brick slips, you can maximise the size and the potential of your fire. This is because brick slips have a slimmer profile and require less space when compared to standard bricks.

Is It Functional Or Decorative?

As the name suggests, a fireplace is somewhere where you light a fire. They were once a main feature of the home but in recent decades, thanks to the introduction of central heating, they have become somewhat redundant. However, they are still a stunning feature that you can take advantage of but before you install brick tiles, you need to determine whether it will be a decorative fireplace or a functional one.

Another functional method is to scrap brick slips and check out our Fireplace Brick Panels, these are purpose made panels designed to be installed within your fire chamber.

If you opt for functional, then you will need to make sure that the brick slips are installed professionally and correctly while they should conform with building regulations. In contrast, if it is purely a decorative fireplace and you have no interest in using it for a fire then you can be as creative as you want to be.

Fireplace red brick slips

Capture the Look

Traditional fireplaces have a weathered look that is distinctive. So, if you are going to use brick slips, you might want to capture this look and we have plenty of options available. We have the Old Coach House Brick Slips or the Cottage Blend Brick Slips although you might want to go modern by going for the Iced Grey Brick Slips. Whatever look you want, take the right steps and your fireplace will really catch the eye!

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