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This is why you are seeing more brick slips in commercial Spaces

Commercial brick slips in Coast to Coast restaurant.

It’s official, urban style is a back and it’s being utilised throughout the country by interior decorators at an impressive pace. These designers are achieving the exposed brick look using brick slips – thin cuts of full-sized facing bricks that come in a variety of styles and colours. Many architects are also recognising the practical and aesthetic advantages that are possible with this material. We’ve seen brick slips in just about every commercial space you can think of, from restaurants to cafés, airports to office spaces – it’s a material that works just about everywhere.

Make no mistake, urban style isn’t new and to truly understand why it’s back in fashion you must look to when it first came into style in the 1970s in Manhattan, America. It represented the ‘New York style design’ that embraced character, both of the space itself and the elements within it. Its rise in popularity again comes from wanting to take you back to this era, where industry and raw materials were at the forefront of life and its bold, unapologetic aesthetic represents inspiration and creativity.

The aesthetic of brick slips isn’t the only driver motivating architects and interior designers, they prove highly beneficial from a cost perspective as well. They offer the same tangible and distinct features as brick, while being comparatively lighter and easier to handle. They can quickly be applied to less expensive materials such as concrete blocks or timber frame construction. The ultimate saver for developments is time and labour cost.

Just take a look at these fantastic commercial spaces using brick slips

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Our case studies allow you a glimpse of the quality of brick slips and tiles we produce, this is why we are trusted by some of the largest commercial enterprises operating in the United Kingdom today!

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