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Victorian Brick Slips - They’re The Latest Trend

Victorian Brick Slips – They’re The Latest Trend

We are all aware that trends come and go but brick finishes to your interior? that’s never gone and Brick Slips are the latest trend to get that finish back. Trends that we might have seen in the 60s and 70s have come back around with a twist but when it comes to new looks, it seems as though trends can take any shape or form.

If you are thinking about classic interiors, then you might think about some country manor with grand fireplaces and sprawling ceilings, many of which would have been decorated during the Victorian period. The rich during this period certainly had an eye for style and so, if you are looking to give your home a unique look, the Victorian period is certainly one that is worth considering. 

The Victorian Era And Brick Slips

The great thing about the Victorian era is that it was so diverse. You had the grandeur of stately homes but the ruggedness of traditional homes that really did have character and this is where brick slips can help you to create that look. From Gothic to classical and Italianate, it seems as though the Victorians really shaped our perception of style. 

However, when we think about traditional homes, we might think of exposed walls or elegant chimney breasts that make for the ideal feature. It is these features that more of us are now looking to achieve in our homes. The great thing is that you don’t even need an older property to create this look because brick slips can work in modern properties. Fireplaces are a great example as more people opt for Fireplace Brick Slips. Having said that we now offer the option of purpose made Fireplace Brick Panels.

Capture the Classic Look

Victorians had the ability to bring different textures and colours together. Whether it was velvet upholstery and furnishing to lavish light fittings and exposed walls, it all worked together brilliantly well. However, we now have the ability to bring old and new together. We have the potential to recreate their style but in a modern way. What’s more, brickslips are available in a wide range of colours and styles, giving you the freedom to get creative. 

Whether you opt to tile a single wall or have splashbacks in your kitchen, you are going to achieve a look that is reminiscent of this famous period in our history. You will have the ability to capture your own style but in a way that makes your home and space your own. 

Clad your fireplace with gorgeous brick slips and create a focal point in your home or add brick slips to your bathroom to give a smart yet practical feel. 

What makes this look and style so unique is the way in which it can create an inviting yet intriguing space in no time at all. Brick slips are easy to install and they are durable which makes them ideal for use in many different parts of the home. What’s more, you have plenty of choices too, so if you want a certain colour or style, then you are certain to find it. So, don’t settle for something plain or standard, think outside of the box and you will soon make your home your own. 

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