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The Best Adhesive For Brick Cladding!

Brick Cladding is one of the most timeless and transformative materials you could use in your home and If you’re looking to add some character or update the appearance of a building, brick cladding is a great option. It provides a rich, classic look that can make a big difference aesthetically. However, before you embark on your brick cladding project, it’s important to choose the right adhesive.

The adhesive you choose for your brick cladding project is critical to its success. Here are a few types of adhesive to consider:

  1. Brick slip adhesive: This is the most commonly used adhesive for brick cladding. It’s designed specifically for bonding brick to various surfaces, and it’s resistant to both moisture and heat. This adhesive is easy to use and will hold up to the elements over time. Our brick slip adhesive is tried and tested on our brick cladding meaning you can heave peace of mind and a 25 year warranty!
  2. Tub Adhesive: This type of adhesive is the same as above however it is provided in a tub for more hard wearing situations such as construction sites where they can be easily stacked and there is low risk of damage to the adhesive from elements such as rain etc. The properties of this adhesive is the same.
  3. Tube Adhesive: This is a solvent based stick adhesive which is used with a mastic gun etc. This is more ideal for small repairs or fireplaces and our fireplace panels. It is quick drying and really easy to use but, it can be expensive when used for larger areas.

When selecting an adhesive for brick cladding, consider the environment in which the project will be completed. Outdoor projects will typically require a stronger adhesive that can withstand the effects of harsh weather conditions. Additionally, you’ll want to choose an adhesive that’s easy to work with and dries relatively quickly.

In conclusion, choosing the right adhesive for your brick cladding project requires careful consideration. By selecting the appropriate adhesive, you can ensure a successful and long-lasting brick cladding project.

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