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What are Fireplace Brick Panels?

What are Fireplace Brick Panels?

Fireplace brick panels are a great way to add aesthetic value and functionality to your fireplace. They are made from our brick slips, in our UK factory and sent directly to you. The benefits of using fireplace brick panels include:

  • They provide an attractive design element that will enhance the look of any fireplace chamber in your home.
  • They help protect the hearth from damage caused by heat or wear and tear over time.
  • They offer additional insulation for better energy efficiency when compared with other types of fireplace panels that don’t have these protective barriers installed around them (like those made out of wood).
Fireplace Brick Panels - London Weathered

3 panels for a fireplace insert with brick slips

How to Install Fireplace Brick Panels

  • Tools and Materials
  • Fireplace brick panels (obviously)
  • Our SlipFix Adhesive either Cartridges or using our bagged adhesive.
  • Level
  • Tape measure or ruler

Once you have your panels, it is important to make sure the fireplace chamber is clean, free from dust and that there is no loose debris which can effect the bond of the adhesive.

Once it is clean we recommend using our Brick Slip primer, to create a seal and perfect surface for the brick slips to adhere too.

Once this is all clean, the next step is to measure again to ensure your panels fit, if they do not and need adjustments cut them down to size using an angle grinder with a stone blade. Always cut the edge that is going to be at the back of the fireplace chamber as you do not want the cut on display.

Now that you have these cut in place, your fireplace chamber is all clean and sealed its time to get fixing. We recommend applying the adhesive using a tiling trowel to both the wall and the back of the panel. Once this is done you can then simply place it against the wall ensuring the bond is strong.

Now you have done this for all 3 sides of your fireplace chamber, allow it to dry fully for 24 hours. Give them a clean using just water and a hardwire brush. We then recommend sealing your Fireplace Brick Panels using our sealer to protect against staining.


Types of Fireplace Brick Panels

We offer a wide range of Fireplace brick panels and they styles vary from a cladding London Weathered Fireplace Panel to one of our most popular, the Keswick Blend Fireplace Chamber Panels. So you can choose the one that best suits your home. Here are the most common types:


Advantages of Fireplace Brick Panels

Fireplace brick panels are an excellent choice for homeowners looking for a cost-effective way to add style and personality to their fireplace. They’re easy to install, durable, and long lasting.

Traditionally you would use Brick Slips or, our Fireplace Brick Slips which come in an individual slip format that would be installed like tiles and then need pointing, Having these Fireplace brick Panels means they can be installed quickly and easily and without all the mess!

If you have been thinking about adding some decorative touches to your Fireplace Chamber but don’t want something permanent, Fiddly like brick slips or expensive, fireplace brick panels may be just what you need!


DIY Fireplace Brick Panels

Now that you know all about fireplace brick panels, it’s time to get started on your own project!

  • Get samples. The first step is to get some samples, we offer two free sample panels to every customer so they can find exactly what their looking for., We always recommend getting samples first. Once you have your Fireplace Panel samples and are happy, it is now time to measure the inside of your chamber. Once you have these measurements are sure they don’t exceed our standard measurement its time to get ordering!
  • Head up a little on this blog for basic installation instructions, once installed snap a quick photo and tag us on Instagram.

Fireplace Brick Panel Alternatives

If you’re looking for a fireplace brick panel alternative, there is an alternative option. We get that no two fireplace chambers will be the same and our Fireplace Brick Panels won’t work for everyone. So for this we advise checking out our Fireplace Brick Slips. These are the same in design as the panels but are all individual and can be used in and around any Fireplace.


Fireplace brick panels are a great way to add a little bit of extra style to your fireplace. They can be used for both modern and traditional chambers, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider them if you’re looking for something that fits in with the rest of your home decor.
If you want more information on how these panels work, or if you want some advice on how to install them yourself, this article has got everything covered!

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