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Do Brick Tiles Have A Disadvantage?

brick slip tile feature wall kitchen room, brick tilesBrick Tiles have some disadvantages that need to be considered before using them to improve the aesthetics both inside and outside of the home. One disadvantage is that they can be more expensive than conventional types of brick, or alternatives such as wall paper with prices ranging from £28/m2 to over £50/m2 for a premium brick tile.

Additionally, Brick Tiles need to adhere well to the surface they are applied to for a smooth and stable design. If they are not applied properly, they could start to crumble, fall off or crack. Which is why we recommend using our Slip-Fix Adhesive which has been specifically designed for Brick Tiles.

Lastly, if not installed properly or protected brick slips may not hold up as well on a building if it’s constantly bombarded with heavy rain or near a sea. The brick tile surface is susceptible to moisture retention, which can cause weathering over time. The moisture can also get trapped between the slip and the building’s exterior wall if the rain gets into that space.

Don’t let the above stop you.

Slips From Stock look at all these possibilities and disadvantages of brick tiles and find solutions for all of these which is why we have the best prices of the market for real brick slips in addition, we are able to offer a 25 year warranty on our products.

With regards to price being a disadvantage, we are aware that online you can pay well over £60 per square meter. all of our brick tiles are under £52 m2 which making us one of the most cost effective suppliers. The next thing to consider is the quality. Whilst you can get a pre-cast brick tile that costs as low as £20 per meter these are generally casted from plaster or pre-cast materials which are a cheap alternative and will not have the same warranty. Also comparatively brick tiles are far superior to foam panels, plastic panels and wall paper as it gives you a genuine brick finish,

We have developed a selection of brick tile accessories that have been tried and tested on all of our products. Specifically made for brick slips. When combining our brick slips with our accessories we are able to offer a 25 year warranty regardless of wether the Brick Tiles are installed internally or externally.

Lastly with regards to damage from weathering etc. We have the market leading Brick Slip Sealer. This one coat sealer completely protects the brick tiles from staining and weathering and resells water.

Brick Tiles

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