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What Is A Brick Slip? How To Use Them?

What is a brick slipA brick slip is a thin, lightweight tile made to look like a traditional brick. It is often used as a decorative element in interior or exterior design, as it provides the appearance of a brick wall without the weight and cost associated with traditional brick construction. Brick slips can be made from a variety of materials, including clay, concrete, and even natural stone, and are available in a range of colors and textures to suit different design styles.

Brick Slips are used for many different reasons. We find the most popular being the use of creating a feature wall. The construction of our brick slip is from cutting the face of a real clay brick. This allows for a completely authentic brick finish as opposed to cheaper alternatives such as casting brick slips from concrete or plaster.

The interpretation of what is a brick slip really depends on the manufacturer but, Slips From stock pride themselves on only offering the highest quality brick slip products. Therefore we select all of our bricks by hand, cut them and quality control them ourselves to ensure what your getting perfectly resembles a brick wall.

Below is a collection of images of our brick slips to help you better understand the answer to What is a brick slip

With a collection of over 35 different brick slips, we offer a variety of textures and colours to suit the needs of all customers. In addition to our standard straight brick slips, we also offer Corners, Stretchers and headers. This allows us to cover all shapes that our customers need to complete their project.

To find out more about our brick slips and to get yourself a free sample. simply click this link for brick slips or head to the button below.


What Is A Brick Slips?

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