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Our Sample Panels Explained

Free Brick SamplesBrick Slip Sample Panels

Our sample panels are aimed at giving you the best opportunity at seeing how amazing our brick slips will look once installed. Our talented team, cut an fit both brick slips and headers (half slips) to a wooden board laid out in a brick bond pattern to give you a clear view of the brick slips.

As well as the aesthetic opportunity the brick slip panel offers, there is the additional factor of being able to plan your other decoration around your brick slips and feel the texture of the slips to ensure they will work in your desired location.

Your also able to remove (with a little force) the brick slips from the board allowing you to size up and plan accordingly.

Further Information On Brick Slip Sample Panels

The sample panels consist of 3 full Brick Slips, we hand select every Brick slip for the panels so each one accurately reflects the colours within your chosen blend.

As some of our brick slips contain as many as 30 different shades it can sometimes be difficult to show these on one sample panel, where possible we will endeavour to give you a colour mix which is as consistent with the product as possible, however please note our sample panels are to give you in indication on overall colour and texture, it is not guaranteed that you will receive every colour within the sample panel on your order, or the same ration of colours due to the products being manufactured from a raw material.

Our sample panel Brick Slips are sent out via a premium courier service, and are usually delivered within 3-5 working days (excluding weekends and bank holidays)

Please note – Free of charge sample panels are limited to a maximum of 2 per customer, due to the high cost of each sample (£16.00), we are unable to offer more than 2 free of charge. If you are a trade customer and require a full set of samples please email us your requirements to sales@slipsfromstock.com.

Any sample order that has more than 2 sample panel Brick Slips on it, will be held until we can contact you to confirm which 2 samples you would like sending out.

View Our Full Range Of Sample Brick Panels Below!

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