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Which Fireplace Brick Slips Should I Choose?

 London Yellow brick tiles fireplace

Upgrading your living room with fireplace brick slips is exactly what the doctor ordered! So we decided to help you make an informed decisions about which slips would work best for you.

Our London Weathered Yellow slips are a great way to gentrify your living room. As seen in the picture above, it can give a real modern look to the room along with a fresh feel. It also succeeds in giving the house an expensive look about it.

When it comes to traditional fireplace brick slips, there aren’t many that can top the Keswick blend. It is a real blast from the past with its historical red colour accompanied by the slightly orange accent. If you’re restoring an old build to its former glory or adding a bit of history to an old build, the Keswick blend would be a great addition to your project!

When selecting your fireplace brick slips, it imperative that you do research on your supplier. Slips From Stock manufacture all of their brick tiles using genuine clay bricks. These have been exposed to temperatures exceeding 1000ºC whilst they were being manufactured the kiln. This is significantly higher than the amount of heat your fireplace will be able to generate. All of this means you can breathe easier, safe in the knowledge that your fireplace brick slips can handle the heat.

On the other hand, brick tiles made from alternative materials, such as plaster, are not nearly as heat resistant and often tend to be damaged by the heat.

So what are you waiting for? Order your free samples and give your home the makeover it deserves!

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