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You NEED Exterior Brick Slips!


Exterior brick slips


Exterior brick slips are a must have in any property in 2021. Whether its an ultra modern look you’re after, or an older more classic look, they are an essential asset! Even celebrities are hopping on the trend of putting their brick slips outdoor and they look amazing. So what are you waiting for? Order your external brick slips now!

The Stratford Yellow blend makes for a great modern look to a building. With its yellowish hue it can really brighten the outside of your home. This can give your home a positive summer glow, even during the gloomy winter months. Our Stratford Yellow does not posses this power alone however, as our Mystique blend also has this enchanting influence.

For your more traditional look we’d recommend our Rustington Antique slip. As the name suggests this slip is a rather old brick yet still full of quality. As is evident in the picture below it can give your house an expensive swagger about it and its sure to impress the neighbours.

Rustington Antique Traditional Exterior Brick Slip Cladding

Or how about a blend of both? Our Europhia blend brick slips have the traditional red brick look with a modern freshness. Euphoria is a great external brick slip, as it makes your home stand out from the rest without being too harsh on your eyes.

Exterior brick slips are the most desirable asset in property development today. Their low price and high quality makes placing brick slips outdoor a no brainer for the vast majority. We’d hate for you to be left behind so go and place your order now!

Why not match your external brick slips with a nice feature wall inside? Clink the link to read our blog all about the use of brick slips INSIDE the home!

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