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Are Brick Slips easy to fit?

Is it easy to fit brick slips?

Brick slips can be installed quickly and easily. The basic principles of installation are identical to standard tiles. The brick slips are glued to the substrate using a rapid setting adhesive. Tile spacers are used to space the brick slips. After the adhesive has fully set, the brick slips can be pointed. Pointing can be done using a gun injected pointing mortar. Traditional sand or cement mortar can be used if you prefer a more traditional look.

Quick Answer

Is it easy to fit brick slips?

Answer: Yes

Detailed Answer: Are brick slips simple to fit?

Answer to the question: Is it easy to use brick slips? Yes They are.

Brick slips can be installed by any competent DIY enthusiast. The main principles of brick installation are the same for standard tiles.

Use a rapid-setting adhesive to glue the brick slips onto a suitable substrate.

Brick slips are spaced using tile spacers.

After the adhesive has set, mortar point the bricks.

Gun injection mortars are the best tools for mortaring brick slip joints.

Traditional sand or cement mortar can be used if you prefer a more traditional look. However, this is up to your personal preference.


We have a wealth of information and guides on our site to assist everyone form first time DIYers through to experienced professionals, click here for our installation guide

Tools needed for the job

These tools are recommended to make installation easy. They can all be bought from our website under the accessories tab, or any other trusted DIY store.

  1. Notched Adhesive Spreader
  2. Mixing bucket
  3. Brick Slip Spacers
  4. Mortar pointing gun
  5. Pro Primer
  6. Brick Jointer
  7. Wire Brush

Top Tip No. 1

Always ensure your walls are primed correctly using our Pro Primer, this will ensure a perfect substrate for the adhesive with no sag.

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