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London Weathered Yellow Brick Slips


London Weathered Yellow Brick Slips

The most authentic London Yellow brick slips on the market, the original and the best!

These Brick Slips are Cut from our London Weathered Yellow Bricks. With a colour that has been perfected for over a decade, with their base colour being a soft yellow with added whites, and a small amount of stained blacks and reds these Brick Slips produce a unique look that allows them to fit in with the 100 year old London heritage. No matter if the property is next to London Bridge or the shard these Brick Venners will allow you to bring the atmosphere of London into your home. Perfect for Brick Cladding, these Brick Slips are an amazing product for people looking for that London Look

The London weathered yellow is a modern day classic in the brick slip world, we have been distributing this brick slip to our retail customers and third party retailers for nearly 10 years now, the reason for its unrivalled successful is the beautiful combination of its medium to heavy creased texture , and the stunning range in tones throughout the brick slips. No two bricks slips are the same, yet they blend seamlessly into a perfect combination that gives the project the true London look.

The unobtrusive colours allow the Brick Slips to be utilised in practically any situation, indoors or outdoors, wether you are brightening up a dark kitchen with a feature wall or splash back or brick slip cladding your new extension or new build, this brick slip does not disappoint!

We also distribute this product through some of our chosen third party retailers so you may also know our London Weathered Yellow brick slips under the following names, London Weathered Stock Brick Slips, London Reclaimed Stock Brick Slips, Victorian London Stock Brick Slips.

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London Weathered Yellow Brick Slips

Priced per box of Brick Slips. Each box contains 30 brick slips which will provide coverage (when used with our 10mm spacers) of 0.5 square meters.

Free Sample brick slips – All of our customers are entitled and encouraged to order up to two completely free of charge sample panels. To order a sample panel of our brick slips simlp click here – Free Samples. or using the button at the top of this page that says Free Samples. Our Free Sample Brick Slips allow you to see and feel the brick slips before committing to a larger purchase.

These Brick Slips are Cut from our London Weathered Yellow Bricks. With a colour that has been perfected for over a decade, with their base colour being a soft yellow with added whites, and a small amount of stained blacks and reds these Brick Slips produce a unique look that allows them to fit in with the 100 year old London heritage.

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What Are Brick Slips?

Brick slips are a thin, lightweight tile made to look like a traditional brick. They are  often used as a decorative feature for interior or exterior design, as our brick slips are cut directly from the brick they offer both the appearance and texture of real brick. Brick Slips are also known by other names including Brick Tiles, Brick Effect Tiles and Brick Cladding.

To ensure you have the perfect product for you and your home, we have designed our brick slips for both internal and external walls. To be able to fit your brick slips on to your walls correctly, it is important that you have the correct tools and accessories. Take a look at all of the mortar, tools, accessories and adhesives that we have available for you to buy.  If you need any help and advice, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01889 227183 .


Matching Brick Slip Variations

Just below the image on this page you will see up to 4 symbols of the different shapes we offer for this brick slips. These include the Brick Slips which are straight, flat slips and is the standard product you would use.

Straight Brick Slips – used in all applications where one wishes for brick slips to be installed, the flat brick slips the replicate the size and shape of a tile but with the texture and appearance of bricks.

Corner Brick Slips – these are an “L” shaped brick slip used to go around external corners such as chimney breasts, external corners of homes, window reveals etc.

Header Brick Slips – Half the lengths of a regular brick slips, thee are used for those seeking to create a specific pattern type such as English Bond or Flemish where headers are required to separate normal brick slips.

Stretcher Reveal Brick Slips – These are mainly used for Doors, Windows, Arches and Fireplaces to install on the top part (reveal) of these areas to give a formal and professional finish.


What Else Do I Need With Brick Slips?

Depending on the project type and what you are planning on doing with your brick slips, is what will determine what extras you need for your brick slip project. Below is a list of items that are a must have to getting your brick slips installed and looking their best. In addition to this list and advice we also have a very concise and informative Blog section which you can access here. This Blog is full of helpful guides from Brick Slip Inspiration to Installation methods!

Click Here to view our installation guide for installing brick slips.


Brick Slip Uses

Our Brick Slips are cut from real clay bricks which means they offer the same great properties. All of our Brick Slips are completely Frost and Heat resistant with a fire rating of A1, they are non-combustible.

Complete uses for our Brick Slips include:

If the application your intending on using the Brick Slips is not listed above feel free to reach out to us and we will be more then happy to advise but in general terms, there are no limitations to the uses


Brick Clay



Size per brick tile:

215 x 65 x 20mm (Nominal)

No. of Slips / m2:


Sold by:

Per Box of 0.5m2

No. / Box:


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