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Brick Slips And Workability With Children And Pets

Brick Slips – Their Maintenance And Compatibility With Busy Homes!

Creating that perfect home is the dream of many but too often, creating a home that always looks its best is almost impossible when you have a busy home. Commonly, busy homes are associated with those that have children. So, that freshly painted hallway won’t stay fresh or clean looking once they’ve got their dirty hands all over it. What’s more, turn your back for a few minutes and you’ll find that your new wall has been turned into a giant canvas and now requires repainting…..the problems go on and on.

However, these problems can be reduced should you choose to install Brick Slips.

What are Brick Slips?

In case you were unfamiliar with Brick Slips, they are essentially a small section of brick and they are around 15mm to 20mm in thickness. What they provide is a perfect solution to creating that perfect look around the home because they are lighter in weight and do not require the same kind of installation as you would with bricks. They are designed to be fitted on walls in order to create a real-wall effect. 

So, you might be wondering how they can overcome the problems that come with living in a busy home? Let us explain.

They are Durable

While you can opt to use durable paint on your walls, they can only take so much scrubbing and eventually they will need to be repainted. This is nothing more than an inconvenience while you might not be able to find the same paint again and find yourself needing to completely repaint a wall. 

However, brick slips are massively durable which means that they are not easily marked or drawn on which is a huge benefit when you have children. 

Children aren’t Drawn to Them

It’s understandable as to why a full wall would appeal to an adventurous child armed with a pencil, pen or crayon. It’s essentially a blank canvas that provides them with the ability to draw with freedom. However, a wall of bricks is going to turn children away if anything because they are not easy to draw on. In fact, using any of the aforementioned drawing utensils, it’s fair to say that they won’t have any impact at all, which means you won’t need to worry when your child wants to 

They’re Pet Resistant Too

Pets can also cause problems for any home. Maybe you have dogs that like to hug the walls after returning home from a walk in the mud or you have a cat that loves to treat your walls like a scratching post. Whatever they might get up to, you can be sure that Brick Slips provide an effective solution that helps to deal with the problems that pets might cause to your walls. As they are textured, tough and not easy to grip it means that dogs won’t leave dirty marks on the walls and cats certainly won’t be able to get their claws into them.

So, if you are looking to achieve a look in your home that is not only jaw-droppingly beautiful but resistant to the problems you face when living in a busy home then Brick Slips are what you need. The great thing about finding Brick Slips near me is the way in which they are installed easily and they can completely transform the look of a home. What’s more, they come in a range of styles and colours, so don’t’ think you have to settle for that traditional, orange-coloured brick as that is not the case, proving how versatile they really are.

Protecting The Brick Slips

It is easy to worry about how your brick slips will look down the line but we offer market leading products to include our brick slip sealer which will fully protect your brick slips from stains and spills. You can see our brick slip sealer here

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