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Brick Slip Pointing Mortar

Slip-Point brick slip pointing mortar Brick slip pointing mortar is a crucial part of the brick slip installation kit. When used correctly, it will provide your brick slips with an added wow factor and be the cherry on top of your already beautiful cake!

Do I Need To Use Mortar On My Brick Slips?

Although we would definitely recommend it, using pointing mortar on your brick slips isn’t absolutely necessary. However, It definitely adds to the illusion if you are trying to give off the impression of a real brick wall. Mortar is used in building projects using real bricks as an adhesive to hold the bricks together. When you are installing brick slips, you have already stuck your slips to the wall meaning the pointing mortar is being used for aesthetics. We have seen some great projects completed without the use of mortar. So if you feel like ditching the mortar for your next project, go for it. We’d love to see the finished results so please don’t forget to send them in!

Is Brick Slip Mortar The Same As Grout?

You would be forgiven for thinking that brick slip pointing mortar is the same as grout. After all, once the mortar has been applied and dried, the appearance is indistinguishable from that of tile grout. However, it is very important that you don’t treat the mortar as grout. This is because, if you try and apply the mortar in the same way you apply grout you will ruin your brick slips. Grout is a highly viscous substance compared to mortar which is significantly thicker. Because of this if you spread mortar over your brick slips in the same way you would with your tiles it will leave nasty stains on your brick slips that can be quite difficult to remove. As brick slips are often referred to as brick tiles you may hear the mortar be referred to as grout but it is absolutely imperative that you know the difference!

Which Mortar Do You Recommend?

The mortar you use mainly depends on where you are installing your slips and which brick slips you are using. For internal projects we have found that our white pointing mortar seems to work best. This is because it has an unrivalled ability to brighten up a room! As it is very light in colour it also brightens the appearance of the brick slips and just makes them look all the more glamorous. For external projects, our new grey Slip-Point brick slip pointing mortar seems to be the go-to option. It looks equally as brilliant when used indoors but its the frost resistant qualities it posses that makes it so attractive when installing brick slips externally. The great thing about brick slips and the mortar is that they can be used in a variety of ways. Your only limitation is your imagination!

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