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QUALITY Handmade Brick Slips

As a manufactuter of hand made brick slips, we strive to ensure our in-house manufactured brick slips are the best on the market, We quality contol our brick slips production to the highest standards. This means you get a brick slip that is of the best quality for you to use indoor or outdoors.

other RANGEs

Handmade Brick Slips

As a manufacturer of hand made brick slips, we strive to ensure our in-house manufactured brick slips are the best on the market

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MODERN Brick Slips

Brick slips are a natural and handmade product that is created by cutting the face off of full bricks. They are used for both internal and external walls.

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Reclaimed Brick Slips

Reclaimed Brick Slips offer a true brick wall look and finish, these brick tiles, offer a real reclaimed walling to any office, lounge, kitchen, restaurant or office.

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“Ordered twice now, first time was to do a feature wall in our new kitchen, I have never laid a brick slip before so with the bricks I ordered the beginners kit, delivery was bang on time and due to my miscalculation we had a few boxes left over so decided to brick a wall in our extension, again delivery was spot on.”

Matt O’Keeffe

“Ordered twice now, first time was to do a feature wall in our new kitchen, I have never laid a brick slip before so with the bricks I ordered the beginners kit, delivery was bang on time and due to my miscalculation we had a few boxes left over so decided to brick a wall in our extension, again delivery was spot on.”

Matt O’Keeffe

How Are Brickslips Made?

We pride ourselves on offering our customers the best product and service possible. This is the precise reason we only offer brick slips made from genuine clay bricks! Alternatively, we could offer brick slips made from cheaper material such as acrylic. However, acrylic brick slips do not offer the same genuine brick wall feeling you get from clay brick slips. To make our brickslips we cut the two faces off of a real brick. This then leaves you with your two slips. No two bricks are the same nor are two of our slips. Furthermore our brick slips are handmade. This helps to keep them from all becoming uniform which takes away from the real brick wall illusion.

Can I Install Brick Slips Myself?

Installing brick slips is far from rocket science. If you follow our installation guide to a tee, I am confident that you will be able to install the your brickslips yourself. The key to it is the preparation and knowing your limits. It’s of paramount importance that your surface is dry and clear of any debris before you begin installing. This gives your adhesive a good surface to work with. It also eliminates the risk of your slips falling off the wall. In terms of knowing your limits, the adhesive we supply is rapid setting. This means if you prepare too much at once, you risk it setting before you even get the chance to use it to apply your brickslips to your wall. As long as you take your time with the whole process, I am sure you’ll find installing your brickslips to be a walk in the park!

Is Brick Slip Aftercare Necessary?

Of course, you are free to decide whether or not you want to provide your brickslips with any aftercare at all. However, we would highly recommend it especially in areas that will experience high traffic. This includes areas such as your kitchen, bathroom and external projects. One of the great things about brick slips is how long lasting they are, but if you choose not to provide them with proper aftercare then you may find they don’t last as long as you’d like. Unfortunately, brick slips are not immune to attract dust and dirt and if you leave your slips unsealed these can be quite difficult to clean off. Especially on slips such as our Euphoria as if you allow too much dust to gather you may find yourself brushing away some of the gold dust that is part of the character of the brick.

Brick Slips Sealer

The most important part of your brick slip aftercare is to seal your brick slips. Before sealing your slips, it’s very important that you’ve given the adhesive and mortar time to cure. As our brickslips are made from genuine clay you will also need to give any salt time to present itself. If you do not give them time before sealing, you may be left with stains and salt ‘locked’ into the surface of your brick once you have sealed them. Once you’re sure your brick slips are looking exactly how you want them to feel free to seal them. For this, we recommend our USP-100 brick slip sealerthat is supplied courtesy of TBS Cladding Solutions. It’s the market leader in terms of brick slip aftercare. This sealer resists moss and lichen as well as preventing surface deterioration due to repeated freeze/thaw cycles making it perfect for exterior projects!

Do I Need To Use Mortar On My Brick Slips?

Although we would definitely recommend it, using pointing mortar on your brick slips isn’t absolutely necessary. However, It definitely adds to the illusion if you are trying to give off the impression of a real brick wall. Mortar is used in building projects using real bricks as an adhesive to hold the bricks together. When you are installing brick slips, you have already stuck your slips to the wall meaning the pointing mortar is being used for aesthetics. We have seen some great projects completed without the use of mortar. So if you feel like ditching the mortar for your next project, go for it. We’d love to see the finished results so please don’t forget to send them in!

Is Brick Slip Mortar The Same As Grout?

You would be forgiven for thinking that brick slip pointing mortar is the same as grout. After all, once the mortar has been applied and dried, the appearance is indistinguishable from that of tile grout. However, it is very important that you don’t treat the mortar as grout. If you try and apply the mortar in the same way you apply grout you will ruin your brick slips. Grout is a highly viscous substance compared to mortar which is significantly thicker. Because of this if you spread mortar over your brick slips in the same way you would with your tiles it will leave nasty stains on your brick slips that can be quite difficult to remove. As brick slips are often referred to as brick tiles you may hear the mortar be referred to as grout. However, it is absolutely imperative that you know the difference!

How Do I Use SlipFix?

Pour half of the bag of SlipFix adhesive into a mixing bucket. Then slowly add approximately two and a half litres of cold clean water making to sure to mix periodically. You should continue to mix until you have a smooth and consistent mixture. It is recommended that you use a a mixing paddle attachment in order to achieve this easily. This should take around three minutes however you can take as much time as you need. Once the SlipFix adhesive is ready, spread it over a small area of your wall. From here, you take your slip and press firmly and evenly into the adhesive. Our SlipFix adhesive is rapid setting. Meaning it will need to be applied within 25 minutes so ensure you only mix what you will be able to apply within this time frame.

Is SlipFix Adhesive Suitable For Me?

As it is a cement based adhesive, SlipFix is suitable to be used on most projects. The cement base also makes it cheaper per square meter than most other alternatives. For most people, cement based adhesives are the way to go however, this is not always the case. If you are installing slips to a non-porous surface you are probably better off using an epoxy based adhesive. This is opposed to a cement based adhesive. This is because, cement based adhesives rely on small irregularities and pores on the surface and use these to form a strong bond.  Non-porous surfaces such as porcelain present a closed smooth surface where the bonding effect may be difficult.

Things To Consider Before Using SlipFix Adhesive

Before you start to use your SlipFix adhesive there are a few things you’ll want to make sure of first. First you’ll want to make the surface you want to apply your SlipFix adhesive too, is dry, clean and in suitable condition to apply adhesive to (.i.e. not falling apart). If you don’t check for these things, you risk your slips ‘floating’ down the wall. Whilst watching brick slips ‘float’ may sound like fun, I can assure you it is not. In fact, after spending time and money to create your perfect brick slip project, seeing your brick slips ‘float’ down your wall is the last thing you’ll want to see. So make sure you use your SlipFix adhesive correctly!

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