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Brick Slips And Staining

Can Brick Slips Be Easily Stained? And Can It Be Prevented? Stain Resistance of Brick Slips:

Generally, our brick slips are natural which means they are cut from actual clay fired brick so staining can be an issue with certain liquids such as oils and grease. However, we have developed a product to combat this!, but if you are buying them elsewhere, it ultimately depends on the type of material used. Concrete-based slips, for instance, are often processed to include water-resistant additives that repel stains and moisture. Clay-based slips, on the other hand, are typically fired at high temperatures, making them more resistant to stains.

Factors Affecting Staining:

While brick slips are designed to be stain-resistant, there are still several factors that can affect their susceptibility to staining, including:

  1. Porosity: The porosity of the material used can influence how likely it is to absorb stains. More porous slips may be more prone to staining than less porous ones.
  2. Surface Finish: The surface finish of the brick slips can also impact their susceptibility to stains. Glossy or sealed finishes may be more resistant to staining than rough or unsealed surfaces.
  3. Maintenance: Regular maintenance and cleaning can significantly reduce the chances of staining on brick slips. Proper cleaning techniques and the use of appropriate cleaning products are essential to maintain their stain resistance.

Preventing Stains on Brick Slips:

To minimize the chances of staining on brick slips, following preventive measures can be taken:

  1. Adequate Sealing: We supply the best brick slip sealer on the marker that has a completely clear/matt finish so not to affect the appearance of the brick slips, Applying a protective sealant or water repellent to the brick slips can create a barrier against stains and moisture absorption.
  2. Regular Cleaning: Regularly cleaning the brick slips with appropriate cleaning methods can help remove dirt, dust, and potential staining agents before they settle in.


While brick slips are generally designed to resist stains, various factors can impact their susceptibility to staining. Porosity, surface finish, and maintenance play crucial roles in determining the stain resistance of brick slips. By choosing the right material, adequately sealing the slips, and adhering to proper cleaning practices, you can minimize the chances of staining and ensure the longevity of your brick slip installation. It is always recommended to chat with us first if you have any questions however, buying and using our brick slip sealer is the best way to protect your brick slips.

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