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What Colour Is Best For That Feature Wall?

Yellow Brick Slips vs. Red Brick Slips: Which is the Best Choice for Creating Striking Feature Walls?

When it comes to feature walls, brick slips offer a stylish and versatile solution that can enhance the visual appeal of any space. Brick slips come in various colors and styles, from classic red to rustic yellow and everything in between. In this blog, we will compare two popular options – yellow brick slips and red brick slips. We will explore the differences between the two and help you decide which is the best choice for your feature wall brick slips.

London Weathered Yellow Brick Tiles Residential Kitchen


  1. Color:
    The most apparent difference between yellow brick slips and red brick slips is their color. Yellow brick slips offer a warm and inviting tone that creates a cozy and homely ambiance. They add character and depth to any space, creating a focal point that draws the attention of visitors. On the other hand, red brick slips provide an industrial and robust look that can give a space a modern or even vintage feel. Their bold and vibrant color can add a touch of drama to any interior design.
  2. Style and Design:
    While both yellow and red brick slips can be used to create a variety of feature wall styles, they are best suited for different types of looks. Yellow brick slips such as our London Weathered Yellow are more versatile and can be used to create a wide range of styles, including rustic, modern, and traditional interiors. They are an excellent choice for those looking to add warmth and character to their space. In contrast, red brick slips are ideal for creating a contemporary or industrial decor in a room such as our Old Coach House brick slips. They are often used in minimalist and loft-inspired interiors.
  3. Texture and Detail:
    Another difference between yellow and red brick slips is the texture and detail they offer. Yellow brick slips often have a rougher surface than red brick slips, creating more depth and shadows. The natural variations in color and texture found in yellow brick slips add a unique charm and character to feature walls. In contrast, red brick slips are often smoother and more polished in texture, providing a cleaner and more uniform look. This makes them an excellent choice for modern or minimalist interiors.
  4. Maintenance:
    Both yellow and red brick slips require minimal maintenance. They are built to last and can withstand wear and tear. However, yellow brick slips may require more attention to detail in terms of cleaning as their rougher texture can trap dirt and dust more easily. Red brick slips offer a clean and uniform surface, which is easier to maintain in the long run.
  5. Price:
    When it comes to price, yellow and red brick slips are often similar in cost, with some variations depending on the manufacturer and supplier. However, yellow brick slips may be slightly more expensive due to their unique texture and character.

In conclusion, both yellow brick slips and red brick slips offer unique advantages and are ideal for creating feature walls. Yellow brick slips offer a warm and welcoming ambiance, while red brick slips add a modern and industrial feel to a space. The choice between the two ultimately depends on the desired style and vibe of the feature wall. Take into account the texture, maintenance, and price before making the final decision. Regardless of which option you choose, a brick slip feature wall will undoubtedly add elegance, texture, and character to your space.

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