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Choosing the Perfect Brick Tile - Slips From Stock

Choosing the Perfect Brick Tile

Brick Tiles (also known as Brick Slips) are much more than a durable material that we fix to a wall because they are highly versatile and have been developed and designed to offer so much more. When it comes to brick tile options, many of us tend to go down the traditional route of opting for standard coloured tiles that might have some sort of texture but on the whole, they are nothing out of the ordinary. However, have you ever thought about brick tiles and what they can offer?

Its Time to Think

So, brick tiles like brick slips are an excellent choice and they come in a range of styles, all of which will give a completely authentic brick finish to your walls. If you want to style your home using brick tiles then you will need to think about the style you want. Are you looking to add some nostalgia to a space or do you want a rustic feel or perhaps you want to create a space of warmth and light? Whatever it might be, we are certain that we can help you on your journey.

The Traditional Look

The traditional look might have disappeared slightly in recent years but it never truly went away and now, more people are looking to take advantage of that traditional look. This is often achieved by going for something along the lines of our London Weathered Yellow Brick Slips as this is a look that was commonly found in with pre-war properties in and around London and is one of our most popular Brick Slips. What they provide is a warm charm that is also authentic and thats what sets them apart.

London Weathered Yellow Brick Tiles Residential Kitchen

The Rustic Style

Everyone loves a touch of rustic and in the home, it works brilliantly. Its about achieving that distressed look using timbers and painted furniture and this is where our Old Coach House Brick Slips are an ideal choice. You can opt to install them anywhere within your home due to the versatile properties.

cottage old brick slip tile

The Modern Look

If Modern is your thing then you have plenty of potential when it comes to choice. The aim is to do something different while still keeping with the look you want to achieve, whether that is modern or traditional. You can go for our very modern Iced Grey Brick Slips which are dramatic or you can opt for a more natural yet modern brick slip such as our Sandalwood Blend. Whatever you choose, adding these colours with splashes of bright, vibrant tones can really make a difference.

Fireplace Brick Slips

The Industrial Vibe

We have all seen converted industrial buildings that have become trendy bars or cafes and even apartments. That exposed brick look really stands out which is why it is so popular. If you want to create this look then you really do have a range of options to pick from. Your brick tiles will become the centrepiece of your room and from there, you can add your own touches such as furniture that has industrial features and touches.

Brick tiles are hugely versatile and they can be used in a way that standard tiles cannot and this is what makes them massively popular.

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