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Kitchen Brick Tiles

Brick Tile Inspiration for Your Kitchen

Kitchen Brick Tiles might not be your first though but, if you’re someone who loves their home and their kitchen then you are going to want to stay on-trend and give your kitchen something smart, stylish and unique. Whether you are upgrading your kitchen by installing brand new units and worktops or you need to give your kitchen a makeover, there are many things that you need to think about. There is so much to think about when it comes to your kitchen. The colour of the units, how they will work with your worktop and how everything will tie in with your flooring and your walls. It can be a bit of a nightmare but we believe that brick tiles are the solution you are looking for. So, we are going to give you some inspiration when it comes to kitchen brick tiles, helping you to see how they can be used in your kitchen.

Old Bayswater Brick Slips - Brick Tiles

Open Plan Kitchen Diner With Brick Tiles

More homes are now being built or redesigned to have open-plan kitchen diners. This is a great solution for those who like to cook and dine in the same space but too often, the dining section can feel like the kitchen and the kitchen can feel like it’s in the dining room. So, it can help to split the sections by keeping the design separate. Whether you have a modern or traditional kitchen, you can install brick effect tiles such as the stunning Sandalwood Brick Slips in your dining section to create a cool and smart looking space that feels separate from your kitchen.

Brick Tile Kitchen Splashback

Cooking on your hob can leave your splashback looking worse for wear. Many people choose to have glass splashbacks here but you don’t have to follow the crowd. Using brick effect tiles, you can create a design that is eye-catching yet durable and practical. Opt for the standard rustic red colour, go bright with white or go bold and go for the Black Brick Slips. Whatever you choose, your kitchen will have a focal point that really gets noticed. Do remember, when installing brick tiles in the kitchen we recommend using our brick slip sealer.

brick tiles for kitchen splashbacks

Brick Tiles For the Floors?

Brick tiles don’t always have to be installed on your walls because you can give your kitchen a bespoke look by using brick tiles on your floors. They will give your kitchen a stunning look because it’s completely different to anything you would usually see in your kitchen and you can opt for a range of designs such as herringbone. Go for white coloured brick tiles or keep it simple with rustic red tiles but you can be sure that your flooring will set your kitchen apart.

Feature Walls Within The Kitchen

If you want to keep things fairly standard around your kitchen area but still want to add the charm and elegance that brick tiles offer then you can always go for a brick tile feature wall. This will enable you to create a striking contrast in your kitchen and it will enable you to add more colour and more accessories. Go for a modern look with grey tiles and add in some plants and modern ornaments or keep things feeling industrial with rustic brick panel tiles and brass fixtures and fittings. Either way, a feature wall will really make a difference to your kitchen and create a focal point that stands out.

Kitchen Brick tiles are hugely versatile but they can give your kitchen a different look and feel. You don’t need to give your kitchen a complete overhaul to use them because you can install them alongside your existing kitchen but whatever you choose to do, you can be sure they’ll take your kitchen to a whole new level.

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