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Slip Bricks In Detail

London Weathered Yellow Stock Bricks Slips

As Slips From Stock have grown as a business so has our catalogue of slip bricks! Having a wide range of modern slips to choose from can be great. However, so many high quality options can also make it difficult your choose your favourite! So we have decided to take a detailed look at 3 of our slips to help you make an informed decision.

London Weathered Yellow Slip Bricks

It only makes sense to start with our London Weathered Yellow slips. These are our most popular slips and for good reason to. They are an extremely reliable product that look amazing in any setting! They look just as good in a downstairs toilet as they do when used as the external cladding for your house. A quick look at the featured images section will tell you everything you need to know about this slip brick. Furthermore, they can give you a great insight into how different mortars can really bring the best out of this product. Personal preference is ultimately the deciding factor but if you are looking for my advice, I’d definitely be going for Slip-Point white mortar!


For those of you who are yearning for something new and unique, the Rosewood is the slip brick for you! These are one of a kind slips that you can only find at Slips From Stock! In addition to this, they are nothing like any of the other slips we supply. Our Rosewood slips are linear slips meaning they are longer and thinner than the rest of our range. Linear brick slips are a modern and cost effective design choice. In terms of price per square meter, it is in fact the cheapest slip that we offer! When choosing you four free samples, I strongly suggest you don’t sleep on the Rosewoods, they might just be what your home is missing.


The last slip brick we are going to look at today is the Euphoria. This one is a personal favourite of mine. They combine the traditional red brick look with more modern black brick. Whilst that is great, it is not what makes the slip one of my favourites. That would be the Saxon gold dust that is elegantly sprinkled across the top. The gold dust gives the slip an unrivalled luxury look and feel to it. This slip brick is definitely one to consider for any contemporary projects you may be working on. It is also a great one for commercial projects. If you are looking to install slips in a commercial setting, you may find this article is worth a read.

Contact Us For Brick Slip Enquires

Our sales team can help you with your choice of brick slip and can also assist with working the quantities that you require for your project out also, including Slip-Fix adhesive and Slip-Point mortar. Feel free to use our brick slip calculator on our site or, for more complex projects, please send your drawings over to sales@slipsfromstock.com and a member of the estimating team will respond within 24 hours. We want to thank you for choosing Slips From Stock as your brick slip supplier! So once your slips have been installed post them on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll send you an Amazon voucher! Our team works tirelessly around the clock. We are experts on all things brick slips and also offer a FREE brick slip matching service. Simply email us at sales@slipsfromstock.com or call us at 01889 227183.

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