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Slips From Stock - The People's Brick Slip Company

Slips From Stock Brick Slips Installation Spacers 

Consider us, the best brick tile company Although Slips From Stock have only been in operation a short while, we have seen rapid growth. We initially launched in October of 2019 and we haven’t looked back since!

How It All Started

In April 2019, the real work to set up Slips From Stock began. We purchased a 3 acre site of land on Daneshill Road in Lound and undertook a large scheme of building and groundworks. Whilst we encountered some bumps along the road, the tireless work of the whole team made everything possible. It was important for us to ensure that when Slips From Stock launched, we would become the leading brick tile company and we knew we could provide our customers with the best possible service.

That is why we decided to invest in sate of the art brick cutting machinery in order to be able to produce precise cuts for your brick slip feature walls. This includes all the cuts, such as brick slip corners, headers and stretcher reveals. Furthermore, this machinery allows us to operate with maximum efficiency so we can hold over 1 million brick slips in stock at a time. Hence the name, Slips From Stock! The largest brick tile company.

Slips From Stock Objectives

From the word ‘go’. Slips From Stock set out to provide customers with a high in quality low in price solution for customers when they choose the brick tile company they want to supply their slips. Providing great customer service is key to a successful working relationship. Slips From Stock therefore endeavours to offer the fastest possible turnaround we can. We currently quote a 5-7 working days lead time for brick slips delivery however we expect this to reduce significantly in the near future. Another way we build trust with our is offering them free brick tile samples. Making changes to your home can be a big decision so we want to do everything we can to help you make sure you’re making the right choice for you.

What Slips From Stock Offer

Slips From Stock are proud to offer thin brick slips for you to purchase. These are often alternatively referred to as brick tiles and brick veneers. Our brickslips are 20mm in thickness allowing you to have the appearance of a real brick wall without using as much space or money! We have something for everyone here. Our range of red brick slips includes the Old Althorne and Old Coach House. These are both equally as stunning as each other as well as being an ideal choice for traditional and contemporary projects alike. Furthermore, we have a stunning range of yellow brick slips inspired by London architecture. These include the appropriately named London Weathered Yellow and Reclaimed London Stock brick slips. Despite the names, these can be used in brick slip projects across the country to great effect!

Continuing from this, Slips From Stock also offer a vogue selection of grey brick slips for you to choose from. With these you can easily transform any room within your home into a sanctuary or serenity. These slips exude elegance and class. Your home should be a source of peace and a great way to achieve this would be through grey brick slips.

Slips From Stock Alternative

We appreciate that not everyone will want their brick tiles to have the character and imperfect finishes that many of ours offer. We also have a solution for this! If this is you, you should definitely consider options such as our Portland Smooth and Winchester Smooth brick slips. Both of these would be ideal if you were looking to install brick slips to your floor or in your shower for example. They will be both comfortable to walk on and with the help of our tile sealer be very resistant to water damage. Their smooth face is extremely smooth to the touch. The best part is you can take this route and still have a genuine clay brick finish.

Slips From Stock can also cater to those of you hunting a bargain. We have a wide selection of quality brick slips available in our clearance section. Here, you will find options available to you for as little as £12.99 per box. Whilst these brick slips are cheap they certainly do not compromise on quality. We simply are unable to source a consistent supply of these bricks meaning we are unable to add them to our core range. Alternatively, we do have stock Rosewood brick slips which are also just as cheap. As the best brick tile company, these are exclusive to Slips From Stock and a very unique brick slip. Per 0.5m2 they cost just £15.30 however due to their special shape, they are sold in boxes of 0.75m2.

Brick Slip Fitters

One area of the brick slip world Slips From Stock doesn’t operate in but can still certainly help you in is finding an installer. We do not offer installation ourselves but do have a group of approved brick tile installers who would be more than adept at finishing the job. Between them all they operate across the UK so no matter where you are you should be able to organise for one of them to come and help with your project. Furthermore, for those of you based in London you may find using our brick slip fitters to be more cost effective. This is because whilst they serve that area, none of them are based there meaning they do not have to charge inflated rates in order to keep up with high costs.

Or, another solution available to you would be to become a brick tile installer yourself! There are various helpful installation guides available on our website for you. These will provide you with details on everything you need to know with regards to the preparation before you install your slips. As well as some helpful tips to make the actual installation process run as smoothly as possible. In addition to this, we have other articles giving you an insight on how best to look after your brick slips once they have been installed. Regardless of previous DIY experience, if you really put your mind to it, we are confident this is a job you will be able to carry out yourselves. This is the most popular route amongst our customers and it only takes one glance at our gallery for you to see how amazing they often turn out.

Brick Slip Discount

I wanted to close this article by letting you all know we are still running our discount code promo. This has been running since we reached 500 followers on Instagram! You can receive this by tagging Slips From Stock in an image of the sample panel(s) you ordered on Facebook or Instagram. Following on from this one of the team will reach out to you as soon as they can to provide you with your discount code. We have been saying we are the #1 brick slip company in the UK for a while now. But the fact that we are still running this promotion nearly a year after it began just goes to prove that further! We honestly mean it when we say we do everything in our power to put the customers wants and needs first.

Contact Us For Brick Slip Enquires

Our sales team can help you with your choice of brick slip and can also assist with working the quantities that you require for your project out also, including Slip-Fix adhesive and Slip-Point mortar. Feel free to use our brick slip calculator on our site or, for more complex projects, please send your drawings over to sales@slipsfromstock.com and a member of the estimating team will respond within 24 hours. For large trade customers, we recommend visiting TBS Cladding Solutions. We want to thank you for choosing Slips From Stock as your brick slip supplier! So once your slips have been installed post them on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll send you an Amazon voucher! Our team works tirelessly around the clock. We are experts on all things brick slips and also offer a FREE brick slip matching service. Simply email us at sales@slipsfromstock.com or call us at 01889 227183.

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