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Which Brick Slip Colour Should You Choose?

Blue Brick Slip Colours


There is a plethora of brick slip colours for you to choose from. This makes your decision all the more difficult. But fear not, as we guide you through how to select the perfect colour for you!

Red brick slips work wonders when placed outside. So its no surprise our Keswick blend is one of our best selling brick slip colours! It has an unparalleled ability to combine the traditional red brick look with a modern freshness and glow.

Blue brick slips blend beautifully into bathrooms. Our Portland Smooth range is a great alternative to your standard bathroom tiles. Their deep blue colour evokes a serene sensation. We know how chaotic life can get so it is very important to find to relax and these brick slips can aid you to do just that. A nice warm bubble bath with these blue brick slips installed, and you’ll feel the stress leaving your body almost instantly.

As well as red and blue slips, grey seems to be an increasingly popular choice. In fact, we have a whole blog article about the increasing popularity of grey slips. Its a great read and we highly recommend you check it out once you’re done with this one!

If you are still undecided, you can always order a free sample to get a better idea on what works for you! Furthermore, if its advice your after, just send us a message to our social media and we’ll give our expert opinion on what would work best for you!

We love seeing your creations so please be sure to share the finished result with us on Facebook or Instagram.

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