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Grey Brick Slips Are Rising In Popularity!


Normandy Grey Slips


When you look at the sheer beauty of them, is it any surprise the popularity of grey brick slips is rising?

Gone are the days of the colour grey being associated dullness boredom and depression. Now it symbolises maturity, reliability and professionalism. It truly is a colour in vogue across all industries not just ours. Audi have their stunning range of nardo grey cars and Apple default to grey when manufacturing their MacBooks. The who’s who of the world can’t get enough of grey.

So it’s no surprise the popularity of grey brick slips has seen a surge recently. They can effortlessly add a touch of class to any project. Whether they are used to achieve a more modern look or as part of a more vintage old school look, grey slips are always a bonus as they help bring the room to life.

Grey kitchen brick slips especially have become well sought-after. It is imperative that the kitchen is easy on the eye with it being the heart of the home. Installing grey kitchen brick slips is a great way to achieve this!

Our Normandy Grey slips are flying off the shelves at the moment and it is clear to see why. When accompanied by our white mortar, it gives off a vibrant glow and creates a positive atmosphere in throughout the whole home.

Brick slips come in a variety of colours and they all look wonderful! Go and read our blog on brick slip colours to hear about our other colour recommendations.

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