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Which Mortar Should You Choose?

Lime Mortar


Selecting the right mortar is crucial when installing brick slips. So let us help you choose the right one!

Mortar is the principle binding material that is used to bond brick work together. It will make the brick slip surface structure more stable. However it isn’t imperative that it is used when installing your slips. Rather than cement base we use a lime one. This allows the mortar to remain flexible throughout its whole life span.

You may have heard brick slips be referred to as brick ’tiles’. This is because the installation process is very much akin to that of tiles. You grout the slips once they are on the walls and this is done using a pointing gun. This is done regardless of whether the brick slips are used internally or externally.

We highly recommend using our white mortar for internal projects. This mortar is extremely effective at establishing a reclaimed brick effect. Although it is technically a chalk colour, when used along side a light brick it really looks mesmerising! Our pick would be the Eclipse brick slip used in a kitchen feature wall. Order your free sample now and we are sure you’ll agree.

Our grey mortar offers a slightly more mellow but equally as brilliant look. It is priced slightly cheaper at £15.95 (a steal in my humble opinion) and is worth every penny! It is usually used for external projects but is also a credit when used internally. This mortar compliments any brick slip exquisitely!

We love seeing your creations so be sure to send us the finished products on Facebook or Instagram.

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