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Why Brick Slips Are The Best Choice For You


Perfect Brick Slips For You  

If you are looking to renovate your home, or liven up your business, you HAVE to give brick slips serious consideration!

All the big names are choosing brick slips. Chris Stark and Danny Mac just to name a few. They are a luxury addition to your home without the need of paying a premium price! They often work out as a cheaper alternative to painting or using wallpaper as well. This is because brick slips can last forever when installed correctly, whereas paint and wallpaper will wear away and need to be replaced after a few years. An average painter costs around £16 an hour. And once you take the cost of materials into account, as well as the numerous layers that will be required, this can end up burning a serious hole in your pocket.

Our slips also have great versatility meaning they can be suitable for both traditional and modern projects. Brick slips are a sure fire way to make your room irresistible. They can be used in any room in the house or even on the outside!

Even for businesses brick slips are essential. Just ask The Somers Isles Company in Bermuda Airport! From the biggest designer brands like Chanel, to well renowned food chains McDonalds and Nando’s, we supplied them all! They are a great way to make your shop a more warm inviting place for your customers to visit. We also have another blog detailing the rise of the use of brick slips in commercial places!

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